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Arc Flash Studies are essential to provide business owners with the risk level of an electric arc explosion and the amount of incident energy released in each one. At Industrial Maintenance Solutions (IMS) in Columbia, our electrical engineers are experienced in performing these studies and other maintenance checks for electrical equipment that requires a minimum of 208 volts to function properly.

Each piece of electrical equipment has a unique level of incident energy, except for those of the same type drawing power from the same location. In such cases, each equipment item requires its own Arc Flash Study to produce all the information required by OSHA Standard 1910.269(l)(8)(ii) to ensure employee safety.

It is essential to understand the possible level of incident energy released to establish the correct safety measures and procedures for everyone working with or near a particular piece of electrical equipment. The equipment label should also indicate the date of the study and the level of incident energy released during an arc flash measured as cal/cm2.

The labels need updating every five years with a new study to keep the records updated. Additionally, a new study is required when there is a modification to the electrical system, change in protective settings, power system configuration, or switchover of the power source or utility company.

Industrial Maintenance Solutions (IMS) can assist business owners in performing these studies to avoid wasting operational dollars on needless Arc Flash and other studies. Contact us at 1-800-790-9496 to learn more about our Arc Flash Studies and other services we offer to ensure your business is safe and compliant.

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