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Improve Safety in Gallatin Businesses with Arc Flash Studies 

Businesses conduct Arc flash studies to determine the risk of arc flash electrical hazards to personnel, facilities, and equipment. These hazards occur when the flow, or part of the flow, of an electrical current does not follow its intended path through the facility’s electrical distribution system. These studies evaluate the risk of an interruption to that flow. Industrial Maintenance Solutions (IMS) conducts arc flash studies to support businesses in Gallatin and the surrounding area. 

Arc Flash Causes and Dangers 

A spike of electricity, also called a voltage transient, is the most common cause of an arc flash. A lightning strike or out-of-phase, reactive load often generates a spike. Each spike happens rapidly, usually lasting only several microseconds. Other causes include:

  • Human Error – Dropped equipment or touching a test probe on the wrong surface
  • Condensation
  • Corrosion
  • Dust
  • Incorrectly installed parts
  • Tears or gaps in the protective insulation
  • Worn-out or loose connections

Dangers from an arc flash are heat-related, and temperatures reach 30,000 Fahrenheit and even higher in some cases. Despite the short duration of a flash, these temperatures can melt plastic and steel, while clothing and skin can catch fire instantly. 

Arc flash studies serve to reduce these dangers. They are mandatory in these situations:

  • Each new electrical distribution system before it is activated
  • Changes to the electrical distribution system to include upgrades or an individual study for each new piece of equipment added to the system
  • Every five years after the initial arc flash study to meet the NFPA-70E Standard

After completing each study, IMS inspectors provide each customer with two products: An arc flash label which includes information on every item of equipment or area in the facility that is at risk, and a detailed report for the entire operation. Safety recommendations include needed Personal Protective Equipment and a list of potential hazards with suggestions for improvement or replacement of risky equipment. Our goal at Industrial Maintenance Solutions is to ensure your business is safe and open to support your customers. To schedule a series of Arc Flash Studies, call us at (800) 790-9496 today. For more information, you can also ask questions and leave contact information with us at

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