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Understanding Arc Flash Studies: A Guide to Enhancing Workplace Safety in Nashville

Arc flashes pose a significant risk in industrial settings, and understanding how to mitigate this risk is crucial for employees’ safety and property protection. In this guide, we’ll explore the importance of arc flash studies and how Industrial Maintenance Solutions (IMS) in Nashville can assist your company in reducing the risk associated with arc flashes.

What is an Arc Flash?

An arc flash occurs when an electrical current deviates from its intended path, leading to potentially catastrophic consequences, which can happen between an outlet and equipment, through compromised electrical lines, or due to a lightning strike. Unlike a typical spark from a household outlet, arc flashes involve a much higher amount of electricity, leading to explosions and fires. Temperatures during an arc flash can soar to 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, causing severe damage to equipment and posing serious threats to human safety.

IMS Arc Flash Studies: Reducing Risk

Industrial Maintenance Solutions specializes in performing arc flash studies in Nashville, providing companies with valuable insights into the risk levels within their facilities and for each piece of equipment. The primary goal of these studies is to create a blueprint for risk reduction, ensuring the safety of employees, inventory, and property.

Circumstances Requiring Arc Flash Studies

  1. New Facilities and Equipment:
    • Before commencing operations, a comprehensive arc flash study is necessary for each new facility and equipment.
  1. Updates Every Five Years:
    • In accordance with OSHA Standard 1910.269(l)(8)(ii), facility owners must update arc flash labels every five years. These labels detail crucial information, such as incident energy levels for each machine, and recommended protective gear.
  1. Changes in Circumstances:
    • A new arc flash study is required under various circumstances, including the addition of new equipment, modifications to the electrical system, and changing utility companies.
  1. Power Source Changes:
    • Owners should stay in contact with their electricity provider in case of changes in power sources.

How IMS Supports Your Safety Goals

If your company operates in Nashville and utilizes equipment rated over 208 volts, arc flash studies are essential. Industrial Maintenance Solutions offers expertise in this critical area, ensuring that your operation is aligned with the highest safety standards.

Visit our website for detailed information on how IMS can enhance workplace safety through arc flash studies. For inquiries about this service or others, please get in touch with us at IMS Contact Page or call 1-800-790-9496. We are here to help you prioritize the safety of your workforce and support your business goals.

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