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Risk Level Analysis Using Arc Flash Studies

Nearly every business in Smyrna requires Arc Flash Studies at some point in its commercial life. Performed by electrical engineers, each study provides a report determining the risk level of an arc flash for each facility and each piece of equipment requiring at least 208 volts for proper operation. Industrial Maintenance Solutions (IMS) electrical engineers perform these studies to ensure customers meet all regulatory and safety standards covered by OSHA Standard 1910.269(1)(8)(ii)

An arc flash happens when incident energy deviates from the intended flow of electricity. This flow interruption is not a spark that pops around a faulty plug. Even a low-level release of incident energy can cause second-degree burns, melt the protective coating on wiring, and warp plastic surfaces near the flash point. A high-level incident energy release can destroy equipment and inventory and cause severe injury or death. 

A new facility needs an arc flash study before operation begins. IMS electrical engineers examine each facility, from the transformer to each electrical outlet. This Initial study also includes each equipment item within the facility. It comprises a comprehensive report of each potential arc flash risk and warning labels for each equipment item. 

Other Situations When Arc Flash Studies Are Needed 

Every business owner is required to have a new study accomplished every five years from the date of the initial one. This particular requirement also serves as an efficient way to keep safety records updated. Owners also need to schedule an arc flash study when there is any modification to the facility’s electrical system, a change in the system’s protective settings, or a difference in the number of machines and other equipment items drawing power from the electrical system. 

Owners and managers also need to have a new study accomplished when there is a change in the source of electrical power or if a new electrical company has taken over as the utility provider. Every business owner should check in with their utility provider at least once per year. The start of a new fiscal or calendar year is a good starting point. 

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