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CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings are the digital version of traditional blueprints, floorplans, and other hand-drawn designs. At IMS (Industrial Maintenance Solutions), our draftsmen and other technicians use the latest software to ensure our customers have two- and three-dimensional options that are versatile, easily distributed, and quickly updated whenever a change in the desired product occurs. 

CAD designs have been in use for fifty years. The first CAD programs (2D CAD) were rudimentary and used primarily by engineering firms and the aerospace and automotive industries. The designs utilized simple lines and basic shapes such as circles, rectangles, and squares. Improved software (2.5D CAD) gave the design products more of a 3D appearance. Some examples of 2D and 2.5D CAD software include AutoCAD and Medusa.

Modern CAD Types and Uses

CAD software has improved significantly in the last ten years. Three-dimensional or 3D CAD is now the standard for personal uses such as interior design and personalizing a home floor plan. 3D CAD programs such as CATIA V5 and VX CAD are used commercially for architectural designs, electrical schematics, and mechanical drawings. IMS technicians use 3D CAD and these types of file format CAD programs:

  • Native File Formats – These are proprietary CAD programs that can be used only with the software included in the program. Different CAD viewing software cannot access floor plans or other products created on a Native File program. The advantage of Native File, however, is that the programs include an impressive amount of data for very accurate products.
  • Neutral File Formats – These were created with portability and sharing between software platforms as needed. For example, this ability is essential for an architectural firm that needs to quickly share updates with construction firms, sub-contractors, and vendors, regardless of the type of computers or smart devices everyone may use. They are also more affordable, a plus for small firms with a tight budget.

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