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Computer-Aided Design, or CAD drawings, are used in multiple industries to make the design process faster and more efficient for developing products from automobiles to toys and projects from housing developments to sewer systems. With the right software and a design expert, CAD drawings can create a series of digital and hardcopy 2D and 3D blueprints and other designs that can follow a product or project throughout the entire process. 

The first CAD program (SKETCHPAD) was developed in 1963 and allowed programmers to draw directly onto a monitor with a light pen. It was strictly used for research. In the 1970s, the aerospace and automotive industries began developing proprietary industrial software to take advantage of the new technology. 

Software and user interfaces were further refined in the 1980s and became available to the general public with the spread of affordable personal computers. Today, open-source CAD programs let individuals understand what they want for their homes and businesses.

Benefits of Professional CAD Software

  • Automating the design process – CAD software can build a basic design using user input, reducing human error throughout the project’s life. 
  • Saves time – Even basic CAD freeware lays out a 2D or 3D design far quicker than a hand-drawn equivalent. 
  • Faster and Better Simulation – Project managers and customers can see what their end products look like within hours, not days. CAD designs can better represent height, width, and depth and present a digital image of material types (brick face, for example) and color. 
  • Online sharing – Digital designs can be viewed and discussed in real time by customers, managers, and designers.
  • Easy to make changes – Customers, managers, and everyone with authorization can adjust the digital designs and see the results instantly. Printing off new copies can be accomplished far faster as well. 
  • Increases productivity – Each of the above benefits streamlines the process, which helps projects stay ahead of schedule far more often than with traditional blueprints or other designs.

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