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Industrial Maintenance Solutions Provides Conveyor Design and Installations 

There are many types of industrial conveyors. Among the most common are conveyor belts along with roller conveyors, chain conveyors, and modular belts (plastic chains). At Industrial Maintenance Solutions (IMS), The conveyor designers in Nashville, we can determine which of these options is best for each client’s need and custom design a solution for their Nashville business. 

  • Conveyor belts utilize material cut into sheets and connected into a continuous strip to move parts and final products. They are an excellent choice for assembly lines.
  • Roller conveyors use (mostly) aluminum or steel rollers to move large objects. They are particularly useful for moving boxes and crates in warehouse and shipping operations. 
  • Chain conveyors are designed to move heavy objects on pallets. They are an excellent choice for loading shipping containers, semi-truck trailers, and aircraft.
  • Modular belt conveyors are also called plastic chain conveyors. The linked pieces flex and turn, allowing a designer to move the conveyor around support columns and other stationary objects. 

We will engineer your customer conveyor system

To determine which of these conveyors is the best match for your business, our Design team of conveyor designers in Nashville begins with an on-site visit to determine several key points, such as the layout of the facility, the items to be conveyed throughout, and the end goals such as packing and repacking, assembly of components, etc.

After completing the visit, our Industrial Maintenance Solutions conveyor designers Nashville team prepares a general layout. With that, they utilize Design and Analysis software to create the engineering drawings they present to each client for review. Once the team receives approval, they use 2D and 3D engineering software to generate both manufacturing and installation drawings. They submit these back to the client for final approval. 

Once approved, one of our Fabrication teams uses the drawings to build the conveyor system and then hands it over to one of our Build crews for installation. Once finished, our Sales team works with each client to develop a maintenance plan that keeps everything operational without breaking anyone’s budget. 
For further details on Conveyer Designs Nashville and other manufacturing requirements that Industrial Maintenance Solutions can do for your operation, call us today at 1-800-790-9496 to schedule a meeting with our Design or Sales teams.

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