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Conveyor Installation Projects and Costs for Spring Hill

Every business owner wants to grow and expand their operation. When moving into a larger facility is not economically feasible, conveyor installation is a cost-effective option to increase production in a Spring Hill facility. Our Conveyor Installation teams at Industrial Maintenance Solutions (IMS) can create and set up a system to augment your operation without breaking your budget.

Determining Requirements and Restrictions for Conveyor Systems

Our process starts with an interview and an inspection. IMS experts analyze what tasks the customer performs daily. These can include nearly every type of operation but are most often within these categories: 

  • Handling large products such as boxed and palletized Items
  • Loading shipping containers, truck trailers, and aircraft
  • Transferring items from storage shelves to packing areas for shipping
  • Moving multiple, variably sized parts for assembly (i.e. marine engines) 

Next, our experts examine the customer’s expansion goals and what types of conveyor systems they need to achieve them. With that knowledge in hand, they inspect the facility to determine a number of critical factors for installation. These include:

  • Full height and width of the facility and storage aisles
  • Total floor space available 
  • Physical obstructions like support columns and overhead beams
  • Dimensions of the items moving across the conveyors
  • Electrical restrictions such as grid size and number of outlets
  • Weight limitations of the facility floor

Once we have this information, the Installation team puts together a plan to set up the conveyor system or systems quickly. They aim to install the belt, roller, or chain conveyors as quickly as possible without shutting down or interfering with day-to-day operations. Before activating the system, the team trains workers on correct procedures and safety issues such as emergency shutdowns. 

Each conveyor we install comes with a warranty, so an IMS Maintenance team builds a schedule with every customer to keep their new conveyor up and running. The team designs it to avoid interfering with the work schedule and stay within budget requirements. 

Contact Industrial Maintenance Solutions today for information about conveyor installation for your Spring Hill business. To schedule an appointment, call our Sales Office at 1-800-790-9496. If you need questions first, contact us at for answers or to request a quote for any of our services.

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