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Conveyor Designs Benefit Smyrna Operations

Many conveyor designs in Smyrna are available to business owners and managers. At Industrial Maintenance Solutions (IMS), we work with each customer to choose the best option and then custom-build a conveyor for their needs. After installation, conveyors can provide the following benefits: 

  • High-Speed Sorting – When linked to a sensor, conveyors can sort items and packages by size or weight far quicker than a human employee. When connected to a barcode reader, objects and containers can be sorted by destination just as rapidly.
  • Faster Selection Time – The same conveyor design and sensors can also select and remove items quickly. For example, an employee can easily use our software to program the selection if four out of one hundred packages require shipping to a different destination. It takes only a few minutes compared to examining each package by hand. 
  • Improved Efficiency – The suitable conveyor reduces warehouse workers’ time walking between stations. Time saved can be applied to order fulfillment and otherwise supporting customers. 

Types of Conveyor Designs in Smyrna

At IMS, we offer a wide range of conveyor designs in Smyrna. Among our more popular and commonly used types are Belt, Gravity, and MDR conveyors.

  • Belt Conveyors – Anyone who has traveled has seen belt conveyors when picking up their luggage. A single motor powers a continuous loop of material to efficiently move small and medium-sized items on pallets or already boxed up for shipping.
  • Gravity or Roller Conveyors – This type uses a series of metal rollers or skate wheels to move items and packages. This type uses no motor but relies on gravity to shift items down an incline. They are also helpful in moving containers and pallets horizontally but require a worker to keep things going. 
  • MDR Conveyors – MDR or Motor Driven Rollers use small motors inside the rollers to move large items and boxes. The rollers are usually grouped in small zones to reduce electrical use while moving items along quickly. They are also helpful in lowering operational noise.  

To learn more about Industrial Maintenance Solutions conveyor designs and how we can help your Smyrna business improve customer support, call our sales team at 1-800-790-9496. They can schedule an appointment to determine your best option, or you can leave inquiries at for more information.

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