Industrial Electric Motor Overview and Checklist

At Industrial Maintenance Solutions (IMS), we provide maintenance and repair for electric motors and other machines in La Vergne and the surrounding area. Each of our service technicians are highly trained and follows a proven checklist to reduce downtime and keep costs at a minimum.

Industrial Electric Motor Repair Requirements

Included in the steps we take to repair industrial electric motors 

  • Document – We remove and make a copy of the nameplate for our records and record every additional action needed for repair. This step also includes a visual inspection and thorough cleaning.
  • Test and Measure – Technicians test rotor conditions with a hot spot, growl evaluations, and windings through phase resistance and surge examination. They also measure the bearing housings and journals, keyways, shaft runout, and output shaft diameter, among other components. 
  • Dynamic Balancing – If an electric motor is even slightly out of balance, that can severely shorten its life. All work we accomplish meets the requirements covered by ISO 1940-1, Mechanical Vibration — Balance quality requirements for rotors in a constant (rigid) state.
  • Machining – Technicians use this step primarily when a shaft needs straightening or making a new one as a replacement. Our process includes heat treating replacement materials, and technicians also repair failed housing. 
  • Stripping – If the windings are compromised, and the motor is small enough, technicians strip them by hand to avoid scratching or damaging the armature or stator. They perform this step mechanically for larger motors to reduce the time it sits in our workshop.
  • Rewinding – Service Techs begin this by replacing the windings in the armature or stator with the same gauge of wire and recreating the same winding pattern. If either task is accomplished incorrectly, it can result in connectivity issues or failure to operate. 
  • Varnishing – After completing rewinding, technicians varnish the electric motor to insulate the new wire and protect it mechanically from contamination.
  • Testing – Technicians reassemble the motor and then test it to ensure it meets the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Painting – We repaint each motor so it looks like it did initially. This final step is also where technicians reattach the nameplate and reproduce any labeling that should be on the motor.

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