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Shipping Conveyor Design Installation 

Whether you are a new start-up, expanding the number of product lines, or increasing shipping operations, you need expert conveyor installation for your Columbia business. At Industrial Maintenance Solutions (IMS), we ensure that each conveyor our team installs is the best choice for safe and efficient performance.

Each Industrial Maintenance Solutions conveyor design and installation starts with a complete inspection of your operation, regardless if it is a large assembly plant or a warehouse/storage facility. Our teams examine the facility for floor space and ceiling height, then factor in the production goals along with the different number of actions needed to meet those goals, i.e., assembling an item, retrieving a product from shelving, and packaging orders for shipping.

Custom Conveyors to Fit Your Needs

We can customize and install a conveyor for these basic tasks:

  • Small, Medium, and Large-Parts Handling
  • Bulk Handling, such as Palletized Items and Boxes
  • Transfer of items in tight spaces such as storage aisles
  • Loading Aircraft, Shipping Containers, and Truck Trailers

It is not enough to assemble a conveyor belt or connect modular pieces and then just plug them into the nearest outlet. Our designers also examine the facility’s power limits and floors to ensure your new conveyor does not overtax your electrical system or crack concrete surfaces.

If you have a requirement beyond basic tasks, Industrial Maintenance Solutions can install specialized conveyors for these tasks and more:

  • Accumulation
  • Indexing
  • Metal Detection

Our services do not end once the installation is complete, however. Every Industrial Maintenance Solutions conveyor installation comes with a guarantee and a maintenance plan that we can tailor to meet your production and budgetary requirements. If you have a conveyor in place that meets your requirements but needs repair or perhaps a few adjustments, our technicians can design a maintenance plan that keeps your operation up and running.

To learn more about Industrial Maintenance Solutions Conveyor Installation and what it can do to support your Columbia business, call us today at 800-790-9496. For detailed information about installation or questions about our other services, you can also visit to schedule an appointment with IMS Sales and Design Teams.

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