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Industrial Automation Installation for Columbia

Businesses of all sizes in Columbia can benefit from industrial automation. Installation and design of conveyor, electrical and other systems can improve speed and total output, among other results. At Industrial Maintenance Solutions (IMS), our installation team can build the systems every business needs for the best use of their facility. 

The process starts with our design team performing a full facility inspection. This includes the floor plan, foot traffic, electrical outlets, and the circuit box, among other factors. This check provides the information needed to:

  • Modify existing automation equipment
  • Install new circuit boxes or upgrade the current boxes where possible 
  • Modify walls, ceilings, and floors to support heavier equipment
  • Upgrade electrical cables and transformers to support increased power requirements
  • Link modified and new automation equipment to a centralized control panel 
  • Wi-Fi systems that link automation equipment to central control boards and company smart devices

Industrial Automation Installation Equipment 

Industrial automation equipment includes various devices, from automated order filling to a traditional conveyor belt. Depending on the amount of new and modified equipment needed, installation can take several days to several weeks. Some of the equipment and services most helpful in improving operations include: 


  • Shelving and Racking – Our installation team uses RFID technology such as ‘smart labels’ for automated order filling. It allows faster product pulling, shipping, and restocking for returned products. 
  • Robotics – Included in the systems we install are Welding, Process, and Pick and Place Robots. The Welding Robots we install use higher temperatures and function at faster rates not considered safe for human welders. An example of Process Robots is the articulated arms used in factories and plants that assemble a finished product. Pick and Place systems align with Shelving and Racking systems for real-time inventory. 
  • Conveyor Systems – Included with the traditional belt conveyors are aluminum and steel roller conveyors, chain link conveyors for loading aircraft, shipping containers, tractor trailers, and modular conveyors for moving heavier crates and assembled products.

No matter what our team installs, the goals are always to reduce interruption to Columbia businesses to a minimum and to complete the task as quickly as possible. For more information on what IMS can do for your Columbia business regarding Industrial Automation Installation, call our Design Team at (800) 790-9496. You can also contact our Sales Team to schedule a meeting at

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