Full-Service Mechanical Maintenance

Industrial Maintenance Solutions is dedicated to keeping your facility operating its best. Our highly trained technicians are the ones you can depend on for top-quality mechanical maintenance . Contact us when you need experts who have the knowledge and skill to ensure that your machines perform optimally.  

Our team consist of experience Mill Rights, Iron Workers , Pipe Fitters and Fabricators with the experience to handle any project. With our multi trade platform we are prepared for large projects such as shutdowns and equipment repair and rebuilds. We currently service large manufacturers with the facility maintenance programs as well as provide supplemental support for ongoing projects.

We respond promptly to your call and quickly get to work diagnosing and addressing any issues with your equipment. As our customer, you can expect quality maintenance that keeps your production running.

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Conveyor System

Conveyor design and installation services avalible to meet your production needs. Not sure what is best for your application? Let our team of experts assist in the design process and we will ensure your business is ready to meet the demands of tommorow

Gearbox Inspection / Repair 

Critial Falilure is not an option. Our team can perform indepth NDT inspections, Vabration anlysis and reverse engineering to ensure your machnical equipment is ready to meet your production needs. Need a new gear? We can 3D scan each gear and provide short turnaround times for had to source gears.

Air/Gas Lines

Weather your a new facility that requires a complete system or you need to upgrade a portion of your operations air and gas lines we can provide turn key solutions to meet your needs. If your unsure of the condition of your current air and gasline system our team can proform pressure testing to evaluate the current condtion.


Equipment Relocation

No matter the size of the equipment our team is ready to help you get it back in operation. With years of experiance our team can handel every aspect of your equipment relocation. Complete turn key solutions provided for any size machinery and all it take is one call and ill team will be there to help.

Mechanical Engineering

Our team has years of experiance in desinging complex solutions that range from structural , fully automated to complete machine desing to meet the needs of our customers. We also specilize in equipment modifaction that allow for increased production and minimize down time due to design flaws.

Equipment Repair 

No matter the size or type of equipment you use our team can perform onsite repair or when needed can rebiuld in one of our many industrial repair centers. What really sets us apart is the ability to perform the elctrical and machanical aspects of each repair utilizing our diverce teams combined knowledge.



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