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Technical Engineering CAD Drawing

Provide Technical Engineering CAD Drawings of Equipment and Facilities

Every business, be it a warehouse operation or a manufacturing facility, needs CAD drawings at some point. At Industrial Maintenance Solutions, we can provide as-built technical engineering CAD drawings for existing conditions, or for new planned projects, for both the facility and the equipment inside.

If you are uncertain that you need CAD drawings, keep in mind that architects, manufacturing designers, and civil, electrical, and mechanical engineers utilize them to create the buildings and machines you use today. Having these detailed products helps you better understand and make use of them to support your business. They are an essential reference tool for future changes or analyzing problems and repairs.

To give an example, two aspects can help every business: pattern development and perspective drawing. Pattern development is the creation of a flat representation of a warehouse or other facility. Perspective drawings represent projects in 3D on paper. The dimensions of each object (height, width, and depth) are easier to picture than on a traditional blueprint. Combined, these two aspects allow business owners to better determine the space needed to support operations and ensure that employees can safely maneuver throughout the facility.

If you or some of your employees are unfamiliar with CAD drawings, one of our technicians can explain what the information blocks on each page mean and also provide a quick tutorial on comparing the drawing with the equipment item it represents.

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