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Maintain Regulatory Standards with Arc Flash Studies 

Arc flash studies are mandatory for Spring Hill businesses under State and Federal regulations in three specific situations:

  • Before bringing any new electrical distribution system on-line
  • Changes to an existing electrical distribution system. Changes can include an overall study when upgrades are made to the system or individual studies when adding new pieces of equipment to the system
  • Every five years for the electrical distribution system after completion of the initial study

Arc Flash Studies Protect Spring Hill Businesses

Besides meeting Spring Hill business regulatory standards, arc flash studies can also serve to protect employees, equipment, and facilities from electrical current diversions. These happen when the current does not follow the intended path and travels between two normally unlinked, nearby conductors. 

This action defines an arc flash, which can generate temperatures up to 35,000 °F depending on the amount of current. In any arc flash, there is the risk of severe injury or even death, and clothing, hair, and even skin can catch fire within seconds. At lower temperatures, there is still a likely risk of damage to eyes, lungs, and skin from heat, smoke, and even melted metal. 

To reduce these threats, Industrial Maintenance Solutions (IMS) inspectors perform the following: 

  • Fault current analysis – Inspectors look for any abnormal amounts of current running through the electrical distribution system. It indicates where there may eventually be a short circuit that could cause an arc flash.
  • Identify all equipment that needs repair or replacement. Items can include outlets, power cords, and circuit breakers. If it can carry an electric current, our inspectors examine it.
  • PPE recommendation – Increase personal safety with suggestions to add or upgrade protective gear such as full-body suits, gloves, and eye protection. 
  • Labeling – After completing arc flash studies, Industrial Maintenance Solutions inspectors attach labels with all necessary information on potential risks to each area of operation and every piece of equipment with a facility. 

Every business that utilizes electricity is at risk for an arc flash. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 5 to 10 of them happen daily in the U.S. At Industrial Maintenance Solutions, our task is to reduce the risk for local businesses. To learn more about arc flash studies for your Spring Hill operation, visit the IMS website at, where you can ask questions and provide contact information. If you want to schedule one or more studies, call today at 1-800-790-9496.

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