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Industrial Maintenance Solutions Installs Automation Equipment For Nashville Businesses

Industrial automation can include everything from conveyor belts to robotic devices. At Industrial Maintenance Solutions (IMS), our Installation teams can place these machines and many other automated devices in your Nashville business. Examples include:

  • Shelving and Racking – This system uses smart labels and other RFID technology for automated order filling for shipping and restocking of returned products.
  • Conveyor Systems – These include conveyor belts, aluminum and steel roller conveyors, modular belt conveyors for moving boxes and products, and chain conveyors for loading aircraft, semi-truck trailers, and shipping containers.
  • Robotics – The systems we install include Process Robots, which are the more common systems used in automobile assembly plants. Pick and Place Robots that work with the Shelving and Racking systems to ensure complete inventory oversight at all times. Welding Robots that can work with higher temperatures at speeds that are not safe for a human worker. 
  •  Upgraded Electrical Systems – If the new equipment we prepare for installation maxes out your facility’s power structure, our Installation teams can install new wiring, transformers, and more. 
  • Communications Upgrades – This no longer applies to just public address systems and warning sirens. Team members install a robust wi-fi system that links all automated systems to a central control point, management offices, individual supervisor tablets, and other devices for thorough, 24-hour coverage of all operations. 

Industrial Automation for Installation

If you need help in determining the best solution for automation in your business, Industrial Maintenance Solutions can help you with that too. Our Design team performs an on-site visit to your facility that includes a full study of the blueprints to determine the best floor plan for the automated system, an understanding of the inventory to be processed in the facility, and the goals to be met. That includes the number of boxes shipped each day, the number of assembled products, etc. 

To learn more about Industrial Automation Installation and what Industrial Maintenance Solutions can do for your Nashville business, contact IMS today. You can schedule a meeting with our Design and Sales Teams at 1-800-790-9496 or visit our website at

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