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Industrial Mechanical Maintenance Requirements

At Industrial Maintenance Solutions (IMS), our professional inspectors, machinists, and technicians can perform every primary industrial mechanical maintenance task to keep your La Vergne business equipment running and meet all state and federal safety requirements. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it is the maintenance and repair of equipment used in industrial operations. Items include everything from conveyor belts and motors to hoists and pumps. 

Supports Multiple Types of Industries for Industrial Mechanical Maintenance

IMS supports multiple industries for industrial mechanical maintenance that keeps businesses running and ensures daily life flows normally for all of us. Our efforts take care of everything from construction equipment to refinery operations:

  • Construction – Our inspectors examine not only heavy equipment but also ensure materials are correctly stored to maintain a safe site that operates efficiently to keep costs down and meet deadlines. IMS machinists and technicians can repair conveyors and cranes onsite to quickly get everything back up and running after a breakdown.  
  • Energy – Our efforts ensure uninterrupted power. Machinists keep generators operating at peak efficiency while technicians ensure monitoring stations stay ahead of any potential problems. We can also help solar and wind companies stay online for commercial and residential customer support. 
  • Manufacturing – Our support helps every industry, from clothing assembly to food production. IMS inspectors ensure machinery meets exacting standards for commercial sewing machines and refrigerated storage to keep food safe. Machinists make sure that equipment separates and packages items for distribution. 
  • Refineries – Our inspectors monitor ventilation systems to ensure a safe environment. Technicians monitor piping and distribution systems to prevent cross-contamination between products such as aviation fuel and lubricants.

Our professionals perform hundreds of different tasks each year to support these industries. Among the more common tasks required for multiple industries include the following:

  • Repair mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Maintain power production equipment such as boilers and generators
  • Respond quickly to troubleshoot and effect quick repairs in emergencies
  • Evaluate emergency and other breakdowns to reduce their reoccurrence 
  • Prepare a schedule of routine maintenance for all equipment and adjust it to meet evaluations
  • Order parts and lubricants needed to keep equipment running 
  • Monitor breakdowns to help determine when equipment needs replacement

Our goal at Industrial Maintenance Solutions is to keep your La Vergne business up and running so you can support your customers. If you need more information about industrial mechanical maintenance and other services, we can perform for you, visit our contact page or call our offices at 1-800-790-9496 for our latest updates.

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